Eastern-Western Culture Learning Class in WCAA


In order to build bridges between eastern and western cultures, WCAA launches a series of seminars for those who love global culture and art exchange. These have formed a hub of communication, and obtained great results.Along with the high-speed economic development and other developments in China, more and more people from all walks of life and all ages concern about Chinese language. Some of them would even feel proud if their kids can speak Chinese. Therefore, for the sake of offering good education and creating Chinese traditional culture atmosphere to the members, WCAA regularly hosts different events to introduce Chinese culture.

Mr. Joshua R. is a well-educated American young fellow who is very interested in Chinese culture, especially in Buddhist culture. After becoming a member of WCAA, in just three months, he could sing Chinese songs written by himself. "Learning Buddhism Dharma is my dream," Joshua says, "Since both Exoteric Dharma and Esoteric Dharma were unified in China, I want to learn Chinese. WCAA is the best choice for me, because its members are all talented and educated people, and it has fully equipped facilities. If you want to understand and experience the East, learn the Dharma, and build a friendly and wise bridge between west and east, WCAA is your best choice!"

Ms. Flora and Ms. Sarah were from Beijing, China. Before they became members of WCAA, they could not communicate with English-speaking people well, even after they earned their bachelor degrees and had lots of English trainings after they graduated from colleges. Surprisingly, after they became members of WCAA, both of them got great chances to enhance their English, since they were invited to visit the US by WCAA and took a three-month English Learning class there. Now they can speak fluent English, rend cars traveling between US cities, communicate with Americans, and understand the culture and art of America.

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