Introduction of the Regulation of the Membership of WCAA


In order to pursue the mission of WCAA, WCAA provides high-class, professional services to its member groups. The condition of WCAA's membership are as follow:

1) All corporation and/or individuals which attend WCAA's events regularly can be the members of WCAA.
2) Members should actively attend WCAA's events to promote its mission.
3) In order to pursue WCAA's goal, the group members must encourage their own organization and individual to attend WCAA's events, so as to facilitate global art and culture exchange, and encourage communication and understanding between virtuous religions.
4) All members attend WCAA's events voluntarily. They have all the privileges of WCAA, and fulfill the responsibilities as well.
5) Those who want to be a member of WCAA must fill out the application form and go through the application process. WCAA Committee will discuss and determine whether accept them or not in their meetings.
6) According to their membership level and WCAA's regulations, members can attend different events hosted by WCAA.

If you want to be a member of WCAA, please contact

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