Introduction of the World Culture and Art Association


The mission of the World Culture and Art Association (WCAA) is "To promote, encourage and support the advancement of virtuous religions, global art and cultures for fostering the well-being and civilization of mankind, and eventually establishing a new age of Great Harmony."

The establishment of World Culture and Art Association (WCAA) lines up traditional eastern culture and religion, such as Confucianism, into western countries, and simultaneously introduces western modern art and culture to Asian. In order to disseminate Confucianism, which is a precious treasure in human history, WCAA plans to build a Confucian Culture Exhibition Centre in the western world. Similarly, it introduces western arts and culture into eastern countries as well. In short, WCAA launches a series of program to facilitate different arts and culture exchange, and promote tourism and academic research. By successfully launching many big and meaningful programs and activities in global spectrum, WCAA will become an outstanding organization in the near future.

Since it expands the fields of international art exchange, WCAA's will serve as a great platform for global art and culture exchange, become a focus of international communication, and be highly praised.

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